Service for 2/8/20 by Revd D Howlett

Dear Friends

Well, a week later, and the weather has changed completely, fortunately I returned from my 5:00am  walk before the rain started, but it does seem that the poor weather is forecast for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I trust you remain well and in good spirits , there is much to be thankful for. and a return to summer is forecast for later in the week .

Things are a little uncertain still here in Oadby and Wigston, and within the City, but we wait for early developments, which will release us partially  from the extraordinary , measures which had been imposed.

Over the week, there has been optimistic speculation about a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for such treatment becomes evermore clear, and is underscored, by the quarantine measures imposed within six hours over the weekend, on those returning from Spain. Sadly, it puts a question mark, over all nonessential travel around the world, where even those countries, over whom, agreement exists. that travellers may enter the United Kingdom, without further restrictions, in terms of quarantine. Such measures emphasise the fact, that change, almost without notice, to travel arrangements, could nullify insurance and make cancellation inevitable. Sadly this is going to hurt many of the travel companies, who were already in difficult straits, as well as disappointing holiday makers.

Once again I would like to thank all those who have expressed appreciation for the services which weekly go out. It is a great joy, that we are still able to offer praise to the Lord Jesus in so many ways.

Some of our churches, continue to be centres for the community, in the distribution of needful supplies, both to the deprived, and to those isolating.  Many of our congregations are elderly, and some may not be prepared to return to normal church meetings with complete confidence, until vaccination has taken place.

Please bear in mind, when the time comes to open our Church Buildings for worship and weekly activity, the need for considerable caution.  In this respect I would refer you to the URC East Midlands Synod Web Site , and the  ‘Latest URC Covid-19 advice – Emerging into the New Normal’, found at . This document, is prepared by the Synod Moderators.

I would urge us all to consider the Personal Risk Assessment Form which will be found in the documentation mentioned above. It is also important to ensure that our Synod  Property Officer, Mr Geoff  Milnes, is informed prior to Church Building opening. This can be done, either through the Synod office or using .

Further good advice is available in the latest Synod E-Letter 325 – 23rd July 2020.

With this email I attach the service for next Sunday 2 August,  at this early opportunity.

As usual the service is in the form of  low level technology, believing more people have access to simple emails, and in order that you may forward it on to those of our brothers and sisters whose email addresses I do not have, with minimum effort,  should you feel that appropriate. This service would have been shared with our Saffron Lane URC under normal circumstances.

The pdf contains the hymn words, largely from ‘Rejoice & Sing’, so that you may sing along, as I know you do.  Some prayers and the readings for the day, from the Revised Common Lectionary, on which the URC Prayer Handbook is based, are included.

May I once again remind you of the very excellent services and devotions which the URC is providing at:

Every blessing to you all as you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for all you continue to do.


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